Horsetransport with passion for all horses! 

  • National & international road transport within the EU and third countries as well as airport transfers for the worldwide import/export of horses
  • Quarantine, isolated holding, certification, customs clearance for the worldwide import/export of horses
  • Transport to Nat. & Int. Tournaments, championships, auctions etc

The well-being of the horses on all of our vehicles and operations is always our top priority.

Animal protection and the fair transport of horses is the basis of all our services. Both our vehicles and our stables offer the highest standards of horse care/transport, which go beyond the EU animal welfare guidelines, and are modernized at regular intervals so that your horses feel comfortable with us from start to finish.
Thanks to the experience, competence, diversity of our team and the high quality of the execution of our services, ELCE is a reliable partner for you and your horse in all areas of horse logistics. With a large number of contractual partners in all areas of horse transport, with whom ELCE has been working and growing successfully since 2000, we can present you with a very interesting offer at any time and carry it out promptly.

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