Horsetransport with passion for all horses!

Over time and the experience we have gained, our fleet has also developed.
Among other things, we put a new Iveco S-Way 570 into operation in 2023.
In collaboration with the company Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke in Lastrup, we have put together a highly modern truck that leaves nothing to be desired.
There is space for 12 horses on the truck. You are offered an excellent climate system so that the temperature in the horse-box is optimally adjusted to the outside temperature.
All trucks have storage space for equipment. The horses are loaded and unloaded from a side ramp or a ramp at the back. The fresh air supply and adjustable lighting conditions as well as special floor coverings and special suspension ensure the best transport conditions while driving.
All transport and vehicles carried out by ELCE and its contractual partners are subject to the requirements of the EU Driving and Rest Times Regulation, the EU animal welfare regulations/permit regulations for animal transport and the statutory CMR and EU regulations/guidelines for commercial road haulage and logistics also carried out and adhered to accordingly.
Due to the large number of contractual partners in all areas of horse transport, with whom ELCE has been working and growing successfully since 2000, we can present you with a very interesting offer at any time and can carry this out promptly.
The well-being of the horses on all of our vehicles and operations is always our top priority. Animal protection and the fair transport of horses is the basis of all our services. Both our vehicles and our stables offer the highest standards of horse care/transport, which go beyond the EU animal welfare guidelines, and are modernized at regular intervals so that your horses feel comfortable with us from start to finish.
Thanks to the experience, competence, diversity of our team and the high quality of the execution of our services, ELCE is a reliable partner for you and your horse in all areas of horse logistics.

Equi Logistic Center Europe is headed by Freddy and Friederike van Hamond and was founded on November 13, 2000 under the name "Vetri-Trans".
At that time, our activity was based on the transport of a self-propelled ambulance to transport injured and sick horses from their home or event locations to various horse clinics. Shortly after founding our company, we noticed the demand from our customers for the Nat. & Int. Transporting their healthy horses was greater.
So in 2007 we decided to no longer carry out medical transport for horses and changed our company name to “Sportpferde Transporte van Hamond”.
Over the years, our customer base has grown to such an extent that our fleet became too small and finding qualified personnel in the area around our headquarters became a problem.
Because of this, we have started looking for suitable contractual partners with whom we can work across the board without our customers having to forego the quality we have come to expect.
We therefore founded the company Equi Logistic Center Europe on November 23, 2010, which has since been responsible for the logistical process and planning for all affiliated contractual partners.
For this purpose, we founded the company Equi Logistic Quarantine Center in 2020. All areas of responsibility relating to export and the quarantine of the horses are carried out here.
When selecting our contractual partners, we pay particular attention to how we deal with the horses, the processes and experience, as well as the comfort and equipment of the vehicles.
Due to the lack of space, ELCE's headquarters were relocated in 2022 from the Hebelermeer in Emsland in the municipality of Twist, about 25 kilometers west of Meppen in the state of Lower Saxony, to Haren Ems, 10 km away. The Quarantine Center is still based in Hebelermeer.
Our companies are located very close to the German/Dutch border crossing on the E233/A37/B402. This is one of the main routes that connects the west of France and Belgium, the Netherlands with northern Germany and Scandinavia, making the Emsland very central geographically and in terms of transport.
Equi Logistic Center Espana S.L was founded in 2014 with its own headquarters in Malaga, southern Spain, in the heart of Andalusia.
Through growth and further development in recent years, ELCE has developed into a company that is optimally positioned in all areas of horse logistics, has great experience and can also offer interesting offers for every customer in the price segment!

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